If you have an opportunity to have a session or a series of sessions with Niren, DO it! Niren is a Master at creating a safe space in which to dissolve fears and embody new ways of being. If you’re ready to make a shift but could use a boost, give yourself the support that could make all the difference.

Niren’s wise legal and spiritual counsel has proved to be a hugely valuable contribution in every phase of my career.  His presence is grounding and his  guidance is sensible.  Niren will help you to expand your thinking and ensure that your heart stays open.  Do whatever you can to make him an integral part  of your team

Sunny Massad, Ph.D.
Sunny Massad, Ph.D.Author of UnTherapy: A Positive Psychology for Enlightened Living


I have known Niren, Philip Toelkes for more than 30 years, both in a professional capacity, and also as a friend. I can personally recommend Niren and know his work to be exemplary. Niren has been working with people in many areas all his professional life, and has considerable experience and expertise. He has deep experience in many areas of law, having worked as a lawyer, admitted to the bar in California. He has trained extensively in Neuro Linguistic Programing (NLP – a psychotherapeutic intervention) counselling, Hypnosis, meditation and mindfulness. While maintaining a clarity of approach, Niren is very caring in the work he does with people and brings warmth and friendliness to his work. The areas Niren can help you with include learning how to create less stress, discovering how mindfulness meditation can keep you centered, helping you to resolve personal and professional relationship issues through conscious mediation and relationship resolution, and being true to your own life path.

Samved Doss
Samved DossPsychotherapist, Path of Love facilitator. (Australia)


I’ve known Philip professionally for over 10 years.  Philip is a master listener, strategist and has the keen ability to sort through the mess that can sometimes be people’s lives.  I have always appreciated his insight and soft, clear candor.  I would work with Philip any day of the week.

Laura O’Neal
Laura O’NealMediator, Coach, Facilitator. (Washington State.)

Business Clients

I have been working with Niren as a business coach for over 3 years now.  As I scale my new business endeavor from 6 figures to 8 figures, Niren’s coaching support has been crucial in me being able to continuously and rapidly scale my business.

As most business leaders know, growing a company requires that you grow with it. Said another way… where you are stuck with regards to your personal growth and development – so too will your business be stuck.  Whether it is how you communicate with your team, how you deal with challenging situations, how you continue to up level the value that you add to a company, how you serve as a role model for leadership and how your supporting team shows up and contributes to the company – regular coaching for business leaders is essential if you want your company to continue to grow and run smoothly.

Niren, having more than 40 years of training and actual on-the-court coaching experience, is highly skilled with a wide range of personal growth and deep transformational methodologies ranging from Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) to hypno-therapy.  He has skillfully leveraged his vast “toolbox” to support me in not only getting through crisis moments with my business, but also to dig deep into the root causes of belief systems and habits that have been getting in the way of me scaling my business at the pace and with the level of joy and passion I desire.  With Niren in my court as business coach, I am able to have sustained confidence in my ability to powerfully and peacefully navigate whatever comes at me as I move my business in the necessary trajectory to become a $100M company over the next 5 years.

Raj Sundra
Raj SundraFounder and CEO of Transformance Business Consulting

Business Clients

Niren’s business coaching brought our business to new heights.  Through Niren’s guidance, we could identify key issues, effortlessly bring them to resolve while establishing a strong foundation and confidence within the team.  His seasoned and successful background as an attorney, personal integrity, experience in working with groups and companies, as well as his unwavering commitment to our success has us on a solid track to bring our company to the next level and beyond.

Matt RCEO Communities Moving Forward (USA)

Individual Clients

I firmly believe that every coach needs a coach; there are junctures in our lives that are made easier with guidance from another.  I was introduced to Niren when I came up against some patterns that were limiting my ability to uplevel my own practice and life. I am deeply appreciative for this introduction. Niren is highly skilled in the practice of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and hypnotherapy. These skills, married with  a gift for connecting from a heart-centered space and crystalline insight, adds a layer of depth to the work we’ve done together. He has been able to laser in on the heart of the issue and facilitate learning, healing and transformation at a profound level. I am quite happy to recommend his services and knowledge.”

Jessica Séguin
Jessica SéguinIntuitive, Life and Success Coach

Individual Clients

True Mastery – Bar none! I have done many types of growth work throughout the years and came to Niren at a challenging crossroads.  The tools he uses paired with his compassionate and relational approach provided me the means to break through lifelong barriers and truly find satisfaction in life.  Much more that a business coach! Thank you Niren!

Teddy (Boulder, Co.)

Individual Client

Niren was my Third Eye and my guide in one of the most challenged episodes of my life. His spiritual wisdom, techniques and heart-warming personality aided me reach to a higher level of consciousness while connecting with my inner self at a deeper level. The tools and daily practice helped me to be more present with harmful feelings and emotions I was empowering, and create a more peaceful and balanced state of mind that led me to a more prosperous life.

Yaiza (Spain)