Osho’s Blessing and Guidance


I am still absorbing the events since Wild Wild Country. As of today, I have had over 5,000 communications from people I did not know before the series. The vast majority of the outreach has been from people who have expressed an interest in Osho and have also expressed their being touched by what they saw as sincerity, love and vulnerability in me.

I have mostly responded about Osho. Many people are writing that they want to hear from me as well.

My experience is that when I am sharing about Osho, I am sharing from my heart, from the deepest places within me.

Osho’s blessings and guidance led me to all the understanding, acceptance, love and trust now within me. Whether I use Osho’s words or mine, it’s the same source.

Sitting this morning, I asked for the most simple, direct way to state the path, as I know it.  This is what came: love and trust as much as you can. MEDITATION, LOVE and TRUST are the keys to the door to acceptance. Acceptance is the way to relaxation and the transformation of consciousness.  At the highest level, total acceptance, love and trust are the same thing.

Osho said, “that which you water grows.” If you water consciousness, through meditation, consciousness grows. If you water fear and desire, their power grows.

Love is.



And what is MEDITATION? It does not mean meditating upon something; the English word is misleading. In English there is no word adequate enough to translate Buddha’s word samasati. It has been translated as meditation, as right mindfulness, as awareness, as consciousness, alertness, watchfulness, witnessing – but there is not really a single word which has the quality of samasati.

Samasati means: consciousness is, but without any content.

There is no thought, no desire, nothing is stirred in you. You are not contemplating about God or about great things… nature and its beauty, the Bible, the Koran, the Vedas, and their immensely significant statements. You are not contemplating! You are not concentrating on any special object either. You are not chanting a mantra, because those are all things of the mind, those are all contents of the mind.

You are not doing anything! The mind is utterly empty, and you are simply there in that emptiness. A kind of presence, a pure presence, with nowhere to go – utterly relaxed into oneself, at rest, at home.

That is the meaning of Buddha’s meditation.