Philip Niren Toelkes

Do you experience anxiety, fear, frustration or anger on an ongoing or episodic basis? Don’t know how to change the pattern or habit? Don’t know what you really want to do or to be? Are you unsatisfied with your work, relationship or life but don’t know what should be different or next? Is your business less successful than it should be? Are you facing challenges you can’t figure out how to address or surmount?

I can help you GET CLEAR about what you want (identify goals), determine the necessary steps to reach your goals, and move what’s in the way. I provide a path to clarity, acceptance and relaxation, using powerful tools to effect relaxation, deep change or transformation.

For further information on life coaching, please click on the services tab which describes the service and provides a contact form. Niren is not currently scheduling workshops or trainings because of the coronavirus.

If you have an opportunity to have a session or a series of sessions with Niren, DO it! Niren is a Master at creating a safe space in which to dissolve fears and embody new ways of being.  If you’re ready to make a shift but could use a boost, give yourself the support that could make all the difference. Niren’s wise legal and spiritual counsel has proved to be a hugely valuable contribution in every phase of my career.  His presence is grounding and his  guidance is sensible.  Niren will help you to expand your thinking and ensure that your heart stays open.  Do whatever you can to make him an integral part  of your team

Sunny Massad, Ph.D., Author of UnTherapy: A Positive Psychology for Enlightened Living