Niren on Criticism


Responding to a comment in favor of criticism, it isn’t that criticism can’t be useful. Mostly, however, it’s just a negative judgment reflecting a negative attitude. I’m not at all interested in much of anything negative on my page or in my stream or whatever and the fuck they call it.  Osho said, that which you water grows. If we water negativity, we become more negative. If we water love, we generate more love. I have been more negative that I would like my entire life. For the time I have left, I am endeavoring to live the admonition of that great mystic Johnny Green: You got to accentuate the positive, eliminate the negative, latch on the affirmative, don’t mess with Mr. in between. Love to all.

People often think telling the truth means telling someone every negative or judgmental thought we may have about them or whatever else. It is my sense, that almost none of us are assisted by other people’s judgments. It is also my sense that what we all need is love.

It’s not about happy or sad. Positivity is a chosen approach to experience. I remember in an old book Osho listed cheerfulness, or something like that, as an essential or at least very useful part of the path to transformation. Negativity takes us into our darkness, that we all have plenty. Positivity takes us to our light, and into that light lies the path of transformation.

As to Truth, Truth is not easy to define, and it is impossible to define ultimate truth in words, but criticism sure isn’t it. Ultimate truths are communicated and understood in silence. The most we can do in words is indicate toward where the truth may be found. That is what Osho did. And, as he said, don’t bite my finger, look where I am pointing.

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