Beyond This Moment, Nothing Exists


My concern is the immediate, this moment. Beyond this moment nothing exists. The only time that is existential is now and the only space that matters is here. So I don’t care what happens in the future. Neither the past nor the future have any validity.

But that is the way of the mind. The mind can only think in terms of past and future, the mind cannot experience the present. It deviates from the present continuously. The mind is like a pendulum, it moves to the left, the far left, or to the right, the far right. Either it is leftist or rightist, and my whole approach is to be exactly in the middle.

The word for the middle which Gautam Buddha used is very beautiful. He called MAJJIM NIKAYA, ‘the way of the exact middle.’

If you can keep the pendulum in the middle, the clock stops. The clock represents the mind, and not just literally, not just as a metaphor. Mind is time. Time consists of two tenses, not three. The present is not part of time. The past is time, the future is time. The present is the penetration of the beyond into the world of time.



The Goose is Out #10

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