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Numerous friends have been offering encouragement about my book, and asking when it is going to be available. So here’s the story. When the Netflix series came out, I was 90% complete with a first draft of a discussion and analysis of the major legal cases and events involving Osho and the community during the time Osho was in the United States. That book would be very dense, and not likely to be popular with the general reading public. Since the Netflix series came out, I have been approached by several literary agents. The book they want and believe will be well received by the reading public, is the story of my life, work and relationship with Osho, his vision and work, and the development through destruction of the city/commune, with a less dense presentation of the law cases.

My focus and intention remain the same: to clear Osho’s name as he asked of me. I am writing the book in the form suggested by the literary agents with the understanding that the book in that format will reach the maximum number of readers, thus having the maximum impact in correcting the misunderstanding of Osho and his work. So, I’m writing that book. Right now, I’m writing a book proposal, and anticipate having the book itself finished in as close to six months as possible. I will also finish the detailed legal analysis of all of the cases after I complete this book.

I am changing the format, as suggested, to ride the wave of interest in Osho and, strangely enough, in me. I will provide reports on progress from time to time if there is expressed interest in same.



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