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Osho’s Blessing and Guidance

I am still absorbing the events since Wild Wild Country. As of today, I have had over 5,000 communications from people I did not know before the series. The vast majority of the outreach has been from people who have expressed an interest in Osho and have also expressed their being touched by what they […]


Witness of the Mind

“To be aware of the mind is being a witness of the mind. As the witnessing grows stronger, you already start feeling yourself beyond the mind. Slowly, slowly the distance grows. Your witness reaches to a sunlit peak and the mind is left in the dark valleys, far away. You can still hear the echoes, […]


When It Is All Too Much

When it is all too much, when the news is so bad meditation itself seems useless, and a single life feels too small a stone to offer on the altar of peace, find a human sunrise. Find those people who are committed to change in our scary reality. Human sunrises are happening all over the […]


Niren on Criticism

Responding to a comment in favor of criticism, it isn’t that criticism can’t be useful. Mostly, however, it’s just a negative judgment reflecting a negative attitude. I’m not at all interested in much of anything negative on my page or in my stream or whatever and the fuck they call it.  Osho said, that which you […]



And what is MEDITATION? It does not mean meditating upon something; the English word is misleading. In English there is no word adequate enough to translate Buddha’s word samasati. It has been translated as meditation, as right mindfulness, as awareness, as consciousness, alertness, watchfulness, witnessing – but there is not really a single word which […]


My New Website

My website is going up today. My reason for having it created is to connect with the people who have expressed interest since the WWC series came out. While finishing the book remains my number one priority, I am also continuing to do life coaching sessions, public speaking programs, and sharing about Osho. If you […]

Niren’s Book Status

Numerous friends have been offering encouragement about my book, and asking when it is going to be available. So here’s the story. When the Netflix series came out, I was 90% complete with a first draft of a discussion and analysis of the major legal cases and events involving Osho and the community during the […]