About Philip Niren Toelkes

I have been a lawyer for over 40 years, a daily meditator for over 30 years, and a mediator and coach for over 20 years.

I live in NW Washington State near the Canadian border, about a mile outside of a small town. From big firm lawyer, I have come to a very quiet life, in nature, meditating, writing and doing this work.

Niren’s Curriculum Vitae follows:

PHILIP J. TOELKES, born in Portland, Oregon, February 16, 1945; Admitted to Bar, California 1972; Northern, Central and Southern Districts of California 1972; Oregon 1982; Ninth Circuit and U.S. Supreme Court 1983. Also known as Sw. Prem Niren since 1981.

EDUCATION:  University of San Francisco (B.A. 1967, J.D. 1971); Editor USF Law Forum, 1970-1971.

LIFE COACH/MEDITATION TRAINING AND CERTIFICATION.  Niren has been a certified Hypnosis and NLP practitioner, and teacher of Self-Hypnosis and Meditation, since 1987.  He has completed a 6 week residential training in De-Hypnosis (guided meditations, regressions, and NLP), as well as over 50 meditation and transformation group processes.

MEDIATION TRAINING AND CERTIFICATIONS: Certified Foreclosure Mediator, Washington Dept. of Commerce.  2011 to date. Certified Mediator with Peninsula Dispute Resolution Center. 40 hour certified training Peninsula Dispute Resolution Center, 2009 to 2014. University of California at Berkeley, extension, 40 hour certified training with Ron Kelly, 2005. The Center for Mediation in Law, 40 hour certified intensive training with Gary Friedman, 2006, 30 hour advanced intensive training with Gary Friedman, 2006.

MEDIATION EXPERIENCE: Certified Mediator, Peninsula Dispute Resolution Center; Marin County Superior Court, early settlement panel; Sonoma County Superior Court, settlement panel; East Bay Community Mediation Service, volunteer panel; private mediation.  Partner, Peninsula Mediation Service 2013-2015

LEGAL PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE: Bronson, Bronson & McKinnon, San Francisco (1971-74). Manatt, Phelps et.al., Los Angeles (partner) (1974-81).  

Rajneesh Legal Services, Oregon (non-profit public interest firm) founder and president (1982-86). Appointed by Osho as his Ambassador to America (1987) Drexler & Toelkes (partner) (1992-2013).

Summary of Professional Experience

Life Coach/Meditation Teacher.  30 years of practice as Certified Hypnotherapist and NLP Practitioner.  20 years as Life Coach/Meditation Teacher.

Business Facilitation and Consulting with Transformance Business Consulting, designing communications formats and programs, business and life coaching.  2014 to date.

Professional Mediation Training and Emphasis: Multiple 40 hour certified training, as well as advanced training.  Emphasis on mediation of business disputes and family issues.

Legal Experience and Emphasis: Business Litigation, with Emphasis on Commercial, Contract, Construction, Employment and Real Estate Litigation; Creation and operation of Non-Profit entities. Over 150 mediation and arbitration.  Over 1200 cases handled.

Personal attorney to Osho 1981-1990, continuing to do his work.